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Table 4 The types of progress observed by mentees or mentors

From: Can mentorship improve laboratory quality? A case study from influenza diagnostic laboratories in Southeast Europe

Mentee Observations n/N Lab (A-E) Mentor Observations n/N Lab (A-E)
Creation of appropriate laboratory space & acquisition of appropriate equipment 2/6 D, F Improved quality management system 2/4 D, E, F
Development of quality management knowledge/skills and building a network 1/6 D Understanding the importance of quality management 1 /4 F
Increased awareness of quality management practices 1/6 C Improved laboratory testing and surveillance processes 1/4 C
Improved lab capacity and confidence in safety of the lab 1/6 E Improved confidence in the ability to accomplish action items 1/4 D, E
Starting influenza virus isolation 1/6 B Progress toward National Influenza Center recognition 1/4 A, B
Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Quality Assurance (QA) Plan 4/6 A, B, F, C