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Table 3 Interview guide with main and probe questions

From: General Practitioners' recommendations of self-directed-exercises for musculoskeletal problems and perceived barriers and facilitators to doing so: a mixed methods study

Question Main questions
Probe questions
1 What are your opinions of SDEs in MSK conditions and problems?
Have you any thoughts about GPs issuing SDEs?
Is there anything that influences GPs in issuing SDEs?
2 What are your thoughts on the evidence base for SDEs?
What is the relevance of the evidence?
What is the relevance of the evidence when you are issuing the SDEs?
3 What do patients with MSK conditions think about the provision of SDEs by primary care HCPs?
What patient factors are important in this response?
4 What role, if any, do other individuals have to play with SDEs in patients with MSK conditions?
What about other healthcare professionals?
What about fitness professionals?
What about members of the community?
5 What is the role of resources in the provision of self-directed exercises by HCPs?
What about printed resources, online resources, etc?
What about time?
6 What could be done to encourage patients’ engagement with self-directed exercises?
7 Is there any way that the provision of SDEs by HCPs could be facilitated?
8 Is there anything that you would like to add?