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Table 4 Presenteeism measures identified in reviewed publications

From: Presenteeism exposures and outcomes amongst hospital doctors and nurses: a systematic review

Presenteeism measure Adopted scale origins Response options Recall period Publications
Sickness presenteeism frequency Single item (Aronsson 2000) 4-point Likert scale 1 year Demerouti 2009
Dellve 2011
3-point Likert scale Boumans 2014
Physician Career path questionnaire (PCPQ) 5-point Likert scale Non-specified Sendén 2013
Self-derived item (Senden 2013) 5-point Likert scale Non-specified Thun 2014
Self-derived items 5-point Likert scale 1 year and lifelong Senden 2016
Self-derived item 5-point Likert scale 6 months Vandenbroeck 2017
Sickness presenteeism experience Derived from Standard Shiftwork Index Dichotomous (yes/no) 6 months Trinkoff 2006
Self-derived items Dichotomous (yes/no) Non-specified Mckevit 1997
Self-derived items Dichotomous (yes/no) 6 months LaVela 2007
Self-derived items subjects with lower back pain (LBP) reporting no days of absence for LBP 1 year d’Errico 2013
Self-derived item Dichotomous (yes/no) 1 year Heponiemi 2013
Sickness presenteeism productivity World Health Organization health and work performance questionnaire (HPQ) 0–10 score 1 week Warren (2011)
1 item from Work productivity and activity impairment questionnaire (WPAI) 0–10 score
Stanford Presenteeism Scale (SPS-6) (α =0.78–0.82) 5-point Likert scale 1 month Martinez 2012
WPAI 0–10 score 2 weeks Letvak 2012
Letvak 2013
Work limitations questionnaire (WLQ) (α = 0.8–1.0) 0–100 score 2 weeks Umann 2014
SPS-6 (α = 0.67) 5-point Likert scale 1 month Skela-Savič 2017
Perceived ability to work scale (PAWS) (α = 0.89) 0–10 score Not specified Yang 2017
Derived from HPQ (top 20 health problems in business sector) Number of work days/hours 2 weeks Aysun (2017)
Self-derived item 0–100 score on 10 cm visual analogue scale 1 month Rantanen (2011)
HPQ 0–10 score 1 month Christensen 2015
Nurses Work Functioning Questionnaire (NWFQ) and Productivity and Disease Questionnaire (PRODISQ) 7-point Likert scale Not specified Noben (2014)
0–1 efficiency score on 10-point scale days worked 6 months
PRODISQ 0–1 efficiency score on 10-point scale days worked 6 months Noben (2015)