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Table 1 Questions assessing treatment location and antibiotic regimen satisfaction and preference in baseline and follow-up surveys

From: Patient preferences for treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections in the emergency department

Question Survey Choices
Where would you prefer to receive antibiotic treatment for your current skin infection? Please choose the one best answer. Baseline and Follow-Up a. In the hospital for one or more nights
b. In the hospital for less than one day (i.e. Emergency Department visit)
c. At home
d. At another healthcare setting (i.e. Infusion center or other clinic, rehab center or skilled nursing facility)
e. I don’t have a preference
Please choose the best answer that completes the sentence. If given a choice, I would prefer the following antibiotic regimen to treat my current skin infection: Baseline and Follow-Up a. 1 to 4 pills by mouth each day for the next week or longer
b. One single intravenous antibiotic dose
c. One or two intravenous antibiotic doses each day for the next week or longer
d. One or two intravenous antibiotic doses each day for the next week, then 1 to 4 pills by mouth each day
e. I don’t have a preference
Where 1 is the most important to you and 7 is the least important, please number the following items in order of greatest importance to you with respect to antibiotic therapy for your current skin infection Baseline only a. Efficacy (i.e., you want it to work)
b. Route of Administration (i.e., receiving either IV or oral
c. Cost
d. Adverse Events
e. Treatment location (i.e., consider receiving care in a healthcare clinic or at home)
f. Convenience of treatment (i.e., consider number of doses/days of therapy)
g. Your doctor’s opinion
Where 0 is the worst experience possible and 10 is the best experience possible, what number would you use to rate your satisfaction with the care for your skin infection: Follow-Up only a. In the ED when you first received your care?
b. At home?
c. In the hospital?
d. With the antibiotic treatment you received overall?
If you were treated again for a similar skin infection, would you find value if a single dose of an IV antibiotic in the ED treated your infection and prevented the need for hospitalization? Follow-Up only a. Definitely not
b. Probably not
c. Probably so
d. Definitely so