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Table 1 Practical framework for shared decision making about goals and actions

From: Development of a conversation approach for practice nurses aimed at making shared decisions on goals and action plans with primary care patients

Phase Explanation
1 Preparation Informing the patient about the aim of the consultation.
Inviting the patient to ask questions or raise points for discussion.
2 Goal setting
 A Exploration Exploring the patient’s current and desired situations.
 B Giving Information Giving information tailored to the patient.
 C Formulating goals Supporting the patient in formulating feasible goals.
3 Action planning
 A Choice talk Making sure the patient knows that he/she has a choice.
 B Option talk Discussing possible options for actions with the patient.
 C Decision talk Deciding on actions together with the patient.
4 Evaluation Continuously reflecting on the patient’s progress, and adjusting goals and actions.