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Table 1 Results from situational analysis checklists

From: Development of mental health indicators at the district level in Madhya Pradesh, India: mixed methods study

  Health System Components Response
1 Governance with a focus on mental health and its data systems
a. Existence of Mental Health policy and plan Present
b. Provision of HMIS in Mental Health Policy Yes, in the Mental Health Policy draft
c. General health policies which govern Health Management Information System/HMIS Yes, in draft National Health policy
d. General health plans that govern HMIS Yes, National Rural Health Mission
e. Standard Operating procedures for Mental Health No
f. Initiatives to develop Mental Health Information Systems No, except for its mention in the draft policy
2 Human Resources  
a. Minimum qualification to be an HMIS staff Graduate in any discipline
b. HMIS expert qualification BSc/MSc (Bachelors in Science/ Masters in Science) in Statistics
c. Number of HMIS specialists (at national level) 20
d. Number of HMIS trainers Not available
e. Training manuals for HMIS Present
f. Specialised courses in HMIS No
3 Data Systems (MH indicators in HMIS)  
a. Mental Health indicators in national HMIS Noa
b. Mental Health Out Patient Department attendance included in HMIS Yes, at tertiary level in some states
c. Mental Health referrals recorded No
d. Psychiatric inpatient bed occupancy rate No
e. Mental health training data reflected No
f. Average length of stay at hospital No
3.a Components within routine HMIS  
a. Data collection Paper and pencil below Primary Health Centre/PHC, electronic in PHC/CHCs and above
b. Data compilation HMIS web portal
c. Data Analysis Monthly
d. Frequency of data reporting to Ministry of Health (Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare) Monthly, Quarterly and Annually
e. Data quality control mechanisms Yes (Supervision, Audits)
f. Feedback mechanism to the lowest level Yes, no implementation on ground
g. Dissemination of HMIS data Yes, not involving data collection staff
h. Public access to HMIS report Yes
  1. aHowever, the revised National Health Information System (2017) has indicators on mental health service delivery at outpatient level