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Table 3 Intimate partner violence (IPV) discussed at ANC clinic visits (N = 312)

From: Quality of antenatal care services in Rwanda: assessing practices of health care providers

Violence during pregnancy Frequency Percent
Ever encountered a pregnant woman in the clinic exposed to IPV
 No 202 65.6
 Yes 105 34.4
Ever encountered a woman in ANC exposed to violence from any family member or a friend
 No 236 76.4
 Yes 73 23.6
Ever been trained in how to take care of a pregnant woman who has been exposed to violence
 No 267 85.9
 Yes 44 14.1
What would you do if a pregnant woman tells you that she is exposed to violence?
 Talk to her and let her tell her story
  No 8 2.6
  Yes 303 97.4
 Ask her to come back within 1–2 weeks
  No 298 95.8
  Yes 13 4.2
 Refer her to a district hospital
  No 197 63.3
  Yes 114 36.7
 Advise her to seek care at a shelter (One-stop clinic)
  No 268 86.2
  Yes 43 13.8
 Suggest that she brings her husband/partner to the next visit
  No 252 81.0
  Yes 59 19.0