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Table 1 Focus group discussion guide

From: Using an action learning methodology to develop skills of health managers: experiences from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

 1. What do you understand by the term ‘action learning’? Explain
 2. Describe the experiences you have had of the action learning process
Probe: Experiences of attending the groups? Experiences of implementing plans in the workplace?
 3. Are there any ways in which action learning has assisted you in your work? Explain?
 4. Is there anything that has changed in how you do your work as a result of action learning? Explain.
 5. How has the action learning process affected your relationship with your colleagues? Explain
 6. Have there been any challenges in implementing the action learning process in your work? Explain?
Probe: Is there any way that the action learning process could be changed or improved?
 7. What can you say about the relationships with the other members of your action learning group? What can you say about the relationship with the facilitator of your action learning group?
 8. What are the three main things that you have learned from participating in action learning?