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Table 1 Definition of appropriateness assessment

From: Improvements in blood transfusion management: cross-sectional data analysis from nine hospitals in Zhejiang, China

With Lab Test / Appropriate:
• Pre-transfusion Hb concentration < 7 g/dl;
• Pre-transfusion Hb concentration 7–8 g/dl, and preoperative chronic anemia;
• Pre-transfusion Hb concentration 7–10 g/dl, and age ≥ 65 years or ASA grade in III-V or blood loss ≥1000 ml;
• Pre-transfusion Hb concentration 7–10 g/dl, and renal failure or history of cardiovascular disease, hematencephalon, lungs injury or undergone neurosurgical operations, orthopedic operations or cardiovascular operations;
With Lab Test / Inappropriate:
• Pre-transfusion Hb concentration 7–10 g/dl, without above mentioned comorbidities, or pre-transfusion Hb concentration > 10 g/dl.
Without Lab Test: /Inappropriate
Lack of Hb and other testing records before and after allogeneic RBC transfusion.