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Table 1 Participants

From: Critical issues for employees in inter-municipal health care services: a multiple case study

  Profession Sex Age Data collection methods
District 1 Psychologist Female 20–29  Qualitative interview
Substance abuse therapist   20–29  Qualitative interview
ICT manager Female 40–49  Qualitative interview
Dementia coordinator Male 50–59  Workshop
 Focus group interview
 Two observational studies
Dementia contact 1 Female 50–59  Workshop
 Focus group interview
Dementia contact 2 Female 50–59  Workshop
 Focus group interview
 Observational study
Dementia contact 3 Female 20–29  Workshop
 Focus group interview
Dementia contact 4 Female 30–39  Workshop
 Focus group interview,
 Observational study
Consulting doctor Male 30–39  Workshop
 Focus group interview
General practitioner Female 30–39  Qualitative interview
Community nurse manager 1 Female 30–39  Qualitative interview
Community nurse manager 2 Female 20–29  Qualitative interview
Project manager for substance abuse therapist and psychologist Female 50–59  Qualitative interview
District 21.1.1. Occupational therapist Female 30–39  Qualitative interview
“Palliation in Vik” project manager/coordinator Female 30–39  Qualitative interview
Manager of a substance abuse team Female 30–39  Qualitative interview
ICT consultant Female 30–39  Qualitative interview