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Table 5 Linear regression for independent predictors of health system diagnosis delay before registration among transferred out migrant patients with TBa, China, 2014–15b (N = 7262)c

From: Patient and health system delays before registration among migrant patients with tuberculosis who were transferred out in China

Variable Β coefficient 95% CI P value
Permanent residence
 Within prefecture Ref Ref Ref
 Within province −0.004 − 0.10,0.09 0.932
 Out of province 0.13 0.07,0.19 < 0.001^
 PTB smear positive −0.16 −0.27-0.06 0.003^
 PTB smear negative 0.01 −0.09,0.12 0.784
 PTB smear status unknown 0.40 0.02,0.77 0.037^
 Pleurisy Ref Ref Ref
 EPTB −0.77 −1.99,0.45 0.218
 Positive 0.06 −0.64,0.77 0.864
 Negative Ref Ref Ref
 Unknown −0.33 −0.38,-0.28 < 0.001^
  1. TB tuberculosis, PTB pulmonary tuberculosis, EPTB extrapulmonary tuberculosis, HIV human immunodeficiency virus
  2. aregistered in web-based TB information management system
  3. blogarithmic transformation of delay variable done as it was not normally distributed, model building was done by stepwise (forward method) method and the final model has been presented; age group, gender, occupation, treatment category and registration at referral hospital, though considered, were excluded by the model (likelihood ratio test)
  4. F stat for model = 26.8; Probability > F = < 0.001
  5. cof 7284, twenty two patient records were excluded because of missing information on dates to calculate delay
  6. ^significant p-value < 0.05