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Table 4 Content areas covered by the interventions

From: Developing and evaluating clinical leadership interventions for frontline healthcare providers: a review of the literature

Author Country Year Content areas covered by the interventions
Cleary et al. [38] Australia 2005 Personal development, teamwork, clinical skills, service delivery
Ferguson et al. [39] Australia 2007 Observation, feedback skills, clinical practice skills, patient care, teamwork, environment of care, quality improvement (QI)
Williams et al. [40] Australia 2009 Leadership skills development
Travaglia et al. [41] Australia 2011 Clinical skills and leadership skills development
MacPhail et al. [23] Australia 2015 Leadership skills, multi-disciplinary teamwork
Leggat et al. [42] Australia 2016 Clinical skills leadership skills, quality and safety skills
Dierckx de Casterelé [45] Belgium 2008 Clinical and leadership skills, teamwork, care environment, care giving process
Miller and Dalton [25] England 2011 Teamwork
Leeson and Millar [26] England 2013 Leadership skills development
Enterkin et al. [27] England 2013 Leadership skills development
Phillips and Byrne [31] England 2013 Clinical skills development, teamwork and patient care
Castillo and James [32] England 2013 Leadership skills development, team management, and service improvement
Stoll et al. [33] England 2011 Personal development, clinical skills, service delivery
Miani et al. [34] England 2013 Clinical skills and leadership skills, team management and the environment of care
Runnacle et al. [35] England 2013 Clinical skills
Lunn et al. [28] Ireland 2008 Personal development, clinical skills, team building, patient care
McNamara et al. [29] Ireland 2014 Clinical leadership skills development
Fealy et al. [36] Ireland 2015 Clinical skills for service delivery
Patton et al. [37] Ireland 2013 Personal development and teamwork
Pearson et al. [30] Scotland 2010 Personal development, team management
Martin et al. [46] Switzerland 2012 Clinical and leadership practice
Kling [43] USA 2010 Clinical skills, personal development, leadership skills
Abraham [44] USA 2011 Leadership skills development
Lekan et al. [24] USA 2011 Leadership skills development, clinical skills, and patient care