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Table 3 Target group which interventions were implemented

From: Developing and evaluating clinical leadership interventions for frontline healthcare providers: a review of the literature

Author Country Year Target group which interventions were implemented
Cleary et al. [38] Australia 2005 Mental health nurses
Ferguson et al. [39] Australia 2007 Clinical leaders in mental and occupational health, theatre, emergency, nursery, post-natal ward
Williams et al. [40] Australia 2009 New graduates (nurses)
Travaglia et al. [41] Australia 2011 Nursing and midwifery unit managers
MacPhail et al. [23] Australia 2015 Medical doctors, nurses and allied health professionals
Leggat et al. [42] Australia 2016 Medical doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare providers
Dierckx de Casterelé [45] Belgium 2008 Head nurses
Miller and Dalton [25] England 2011 Senior registrars
Leeson and Millar [26] England 2013 Nurses and allied healthcare professionals
Enterkin et al. [27] England 2013 Staff nurse and midwives, newly qualified nurses
Phillips and Byrne [31] England 2013 Ward managers
Castillo and James [32] England 2013 Wards managers, senior nurses and midwives
Stoll et al. [33] England 2011 Junior doctors
Miani et al. [34] England 2013 Doctors, nurses and midwives
Runnacle et al. [35] England 2013 Trainees doctors
Lunn et al. [28] Ireland 2008 Nurses and midwives
McNamara et al. [29] Ireland   Nurses and midwives
Fealy et al. [36] Ireland 2015 Nurses and midwives
Patton et al. [37] Ireland 2013 Nurses and midwives
Pearson et al. [30] Scotland 2010 Early career and qualified nurses and midwives
Martin et al. [46] Switzerland 2012 Nurse leaders
Kling [43] USA 2010 Novice students
Abraham [44] USA 2011 Registered nurses
Lekan et al. [24] USA 2011 Senior level nursing students