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Table 1 MEPS survey items used to define PCMH care

From: Patient-centered medical home care access among adults with chronic conditions: National Estimates from the medical expenditure panel survey

PCMH criteria Survey items used
Comprehensive care
  Does the provider usually ask about medications and treatments prescribed by other doctors
  Does the provider provide care for new health problems
  Does the provider provide preventive healthcare
  Does the provider provide referrals to other health professionals
  Does the provider provide care for ongoing health problems
Patient-centered care
  Does the provider show respect for the medical, traditional, and alternative treatments other doctors may give
  Does the provider explain all healthcare options to participant
  Does the provider ask participant to help decide treatment choice
Accessible care
  Is it difficult to contact the provider by phone about a health problem during regular office hours
  Does the provider offer night and weekend office hours
  Does the provider speak the participant’s language or provide translation services