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Table 2 Data sources: Factors that may affect MBC implementation

From: Enhancing implementation of measurement-based mental health care in primary care: a mixed-methods randomized effectiveness evaluation of implementation facilitation

  Facilitation Context Innovation Recipients
Provider survey: MBC Use and Attitudesa   X X X
Provider survey: TDMa   X X X
MBC qualitative interviewsa   X X X
Debriefing interviews (IF sites)a X X X X
Time data (IF sites) X    
QI team interviews (IF sites)a X X X X
Provider survey: ORC   X   
Provider survey: PPAQ-2   X   
Team communication interviews   X   X
  1. ORC Organizational Readiness to Change, TDM Team Development Measure, PPAQ-2 Primary Care Behavioral Health Provider Adherence Questionnaire-2
  2. aData sources that also address RE-AIM dimensions evaluating the implementation strategy