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Table 1 Facilitators for implementation of CPS, reported by pharmacists and local health managers

From: Facilitators and strategies to implement clinical pharmacy services in a metropolis in Northeast Brazil: a qualitative approach

Categories Accredited pharmacists Non-accredited pharmacists Local health managers
Local healthcare network -Support of some local health managers
-Organizational structure of the local healthcare network
-Adequate physical structure of healthcare units
-Easy access of pharmacists to patients
-Support of pharmacy staff
-Support of local health managers
-Clinical profile of healthcare units
-Physical proximity between the pharmacist’s workplace and the health units
-High demand of patients in health units
-Commitment of management to ensure the sustainability of CPS
-Collaborative agreement between managers and the Ministry of Health to implement CPS
-Local healthcare network and local pharmaceutical services organized
-Large number of pharmacists in local healthcare network
-Outsourcing of the main activities performed by local pharmaceutical services
Health team - Collaboration of health team - Collaboration of health team -Support of health team
Pharmacists -Proactivity and commitment
-Motivation with positive preliminary results of the implementation of CPS
-Pre-existing clinical profile
-Previous knowledge
-Process work in collaboration with health team
-Communication with health team
-Access to the patient’s medical record
-Pre-existing patient-pharmacist interaction
-Availability and commitment
-Possibility of pharmacists working in a different setting
-Pharmacists who graduated recently
Implementation process of
the CPS
-Technical support during CPS implementation
-Theoretical-practical training offered to pharmacists
-Systematization of the work process of clinical activities through medical records
Not related -Expertise of supporters in implementing CPS
-Mentoring activities carried out by supporters to implement CPS
-Implementation process of CPS had been started in collaboration with the Ministry of Health
-Challenge pharmacists to implement CPS
-Non-authoritative participation of the pharmacists
-Previous successful experience of the Ministry of Health in the implementation of CPS in another city
-Implementation process of CPS adapted in the local region