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Table 3 Means (and Standard Deviations) for post-treatment satisfaction measure

From: National implementation of a trauma-informed intervention for intimate partner violence in the Department of Veterans Affairs: first year outcomes

Question M (SD) Range
How would you rate the quality of service you have received? 2.81 (.40) 2–3
Did you get the kind of service you wanted? 2.64 (.49) 2–3
To what extent has SAH met your needs? 2.39 (.74) 0–3
If a friend were in a similar program, would you recommend SAH to them? 2.70 (.51) 1–3
How satisfied are you with the amount of help you have received? 2.60 (.74) 0–3
Have the services you received helped you to deal more effectively with your problems? 2.66 (.52) 1–3
In an overall, general sense, how satisfied are you with the services you have received? 2.64 (.53) 1–3
If you were to need help in the future for these problems, would you come back to SAH? 2.60 (.54) 1–3
How helpful were the materials the therapists gave you to read? 2.53 (.58) 1–3
  1. Note. n = 47. Range is the observed range