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Table 1 Matrix of performance objectives, change objectives and determinants in elderly patients with limitations in the ability to perform daily activities

From: Development of a complex intervention aimed at reducing the risk of readmission of elderly patients discharged from the emergency department using the intervention mapping protocol

Time/setting Performance objectives, patients related Internal determinants
   Performance skills Coping ability Lack of knowledge about access to rehabilitation Lack of experience in relation to current situation
 Day 0/ At the ED Decide to participate in assessment of activity limitations    Receive relevant information about the assessment Recognize that the ability to perform activities have changed due to illness
 Day 0/ At the ED Participate in performance-based assessment Agree to be assessed in relation to perform activities    Experience possible change in performance of daily activities
 Day 0/ At the ED Decide to participate in further rehabilitation Agree to participate   Achieve and consider information about opportunities for further rehabilitation Recognize that the ability to perform daily activities have changed
 Day 1 and after/ Patient home Perform the training Train to perform activities in a different way
Train motor and process skills
Train in how to ask for assistance and/or help
Consider information about possible strategies
Time/setting Performance objectives, staff related External determinants
  Lack of information between hospital and primary care Waiting time for rehabilitation after discharge Inappropriate design of the patient’s home  
 Day 0/ At the ED Inform primary care about patient being discharged and plans for further rehabilitation OT prescribe rehabilitation plan
OT at the ED contacts therapists from primary care
Fast referral of the patient   
 Day 0/ At the ED Change visitation procedure for patients referral   Make directly contact to therapists from primary care   
 Day 1/ Patient home Access accessibility in the patients home    Screen the patients home in relation to safety risk when performing daily activities  
 Day 1/ Patient home Make minor necessary changes in patients home    Remove carpets
Arrange furniture