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Table 2 Performance of health facilities in the selected capacity areas

From: Quality of care for children with acute malnutrition at health center level in Uganda: a cross sectional study in West Nile region during the refugee crisis

Capacity area Health facility Scorea
HC 1 HC 2 HC 3 HC 4 HC 5 HC 6
1. General information on service implementation Fair Good Fair Fair Fair Fair
2. Adequate human resources Poor Poor Poor Poor Fair Poor
3. Provision of nutritional services Fair Fair Fair Poor Fair Poor
4. Community Linkagetable Fair Fair Fair Poor Poor Good
5. Quality improvement activities Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor
6. Materials and Supplies Poor Fair Poor Poor Fair Poor
7. Nutrition unit requirements Fair Fair Poor Fair Fair Poor
8. Store management Poor Fair Fair Poor Fair Fair
9. Logistics Management for commodities Poor Poor Fair Poor Fair Poor
10. Monitoring and evaluation Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor
  1. aScore performance categories according to the NSDA tool: poor; fair; good; excellent [26]