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Table 1 Outpatients with epilepsy in PRO-based follow-up

From: Exploring organisational mechanisms in PRO-based follow-up in routine outpatient care - an interpretive description of the clinician perspective

  Aarhus Holstebro Viborg Total
Epilepsy patients in total January 2018, n 3958a 1305a 899a 6162
Current AmbuFlex/epilepsy patients January 2018, n (%) 2499 (63) 579 (44) 264 (29) 3342 (54)
  1. Outpatients with epilepsy and referral of patients to PRO-based follow-up (AmbuFlex/epilepsy) in Aarhus University Hospital, Holstebro Regional Hospital and Viborg Regional Hospital. aNumbers based on information provided by the outpatient clinics