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Table 5 Implications for intervention

From: How can mobile phones be used to improve nutrition service delivery in rural Bangladesh?

Areas of interest Barriers Facilitators Opportunities for intervention
Nutrition - Inadequate training
- Nutrition counselling is not well understood by the CHWs
- CHWs lack understanding of how to integrate nutrition in the existing work load.
- Mothers did not see CHWs as a source of nutrition information
- CHWs have opportunities to interact with the mothers
- CHWs need to report on nutrition indicators
- CHWs want to provide nutrition advice
- CHWs should be adequately trained to provide nutrition counselling
- There is a need for job aid that allows CHWs to integrate nutrition within existing work
- Increase awareness of responsibilities regarding nutrition
- Supervisors of the CHWs should be included in the process
ICT - Inadequately trained to use ICTs
- Infrastructure is not supportive for use of computers and other devices in static facilities
- Not compensation provided for using mobile phones for work
- Most CHWs can use mobile phone in a limited fashion (direct calls)
- CHWs already use personal mobile phones for work
- Mothers call the CHWs for information
- CHWs are willing to use mobile phones for nutrition
- They believe use of mobile phone can save money and time
- Mobile phones are the most available device for use for CHWs
- There may be training needs if CHWs need to make more than voice calls.
- If mobile phones are used for program, airtime should be paid for
Community - Many mothers do not own mobile phones
- Permission from husbands needed for the CHWs to call mothers
- Mothers do not use SMS
- Mothers have a need for nutrition information
- Husbands are willing to share their phone with wives for health information
- CHWs are trusted in the community
- Mobile phones can be used reaching mothers with nutrition counselling
- Voice calls are preferred
- Calls have to be made when phones are available at home
- Trust building exercise has to be conducted to link the system to the community