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Table 1 Methods used and sample size

From: How can mobile phones be used to improve nutrition service delivery in rural Bangladesh?

Methods Types of respondents Number
In-depth interview (IDI) Teen age pregnant women 6
Women with 7–9 months pregnancy 6
Women with 0–12 month old child 6
Women with 12–24 month old child 6
Key informant interview (KII) Community health care provider (CHCP) 3
Family welfare visitor (FWV) 4
Family welfare assistant (FWA) 4
Health Assistant (HA) 2
Focus group discussion (FGD) Grandmothers 4
Fathers 4
Following CHW during workday Health Assistant (HA) 2
Family welfare assistants (FWA) 2
Observation Family welfare centre (FWC) and Community clinic (CC) 4