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Table 4 List of health outcome indicators used

From: EU health systems classification: a new proposal from EURO-HEALTHY

Acronym Description Source
PM Premature mortality (standardized death rate), i.e. the mortality taking place before the age of 65 (the age limit used in the bulk of international work) in a 3-year period. (1)
LEB Life expectancy at birth, i.e. the average number of years that a new-born could expect to live if he/she were to pass through life exposed to the age-specific death rates prevailing at the time of birth, for a specific year, in a given country, territory or geographical area. (2)
IM Infant mortality, i.e. the ratio of the number of deaths of children under one year of age during the three-year period to the number of live births in that period. (2)
DALY Disability Adjusted Life Years adjusted for differences in the age distribution of the population, and expressed in per 100,000 people. One DALY represents the loss of the equivalent of one year of full health. DALYs for a disease or health condition are the sum of the years of life lost to due to premature mortality (YLL) and the years lived with a disability (YLD) due to prevalent cases of the disease or health condition in a population. (3)
  1. Source: (1) Eurostat database 2008–2010 [11]; (2) Eurostat database 2013 [12]; Global Health Observatory Data Repository (WHO) 2012 [33]