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Table 1 Main inclusion and exclusion criteria for studies selected in the review

From: Measurement approaches in continuum of care for maternal health: a critical interpretive synthesis of evidence from LMICs and its implications for the South African context

Main Criteria Specific Criteria
Scope Focus on:
i) maternal continuum of care, or ii) adequacy of maternal healthcare service, or iii) the incorporation of quality into maternal continuum of care implementation or measurement, or iv) quality of care for maternal health within a continuum of care context
Population Studies are focused on women of reproductive age
Studies can also include perinatal population (maternal and neonatal health if they are relevant in scope
Setting Observational studies: Low and middle income countries
Theoretical studies: relevance to scope
Setting may include community care if discussed in terms of continuum of care or integration into the health system
Studies may be based in health systems, both health system and community care context, community care or population care (where relevant in scope)
Outcome Variables The study is focused on continuum of care in maternal health, and other conceptual and theoretical approaches in reproductive health and maternal, neonatal, and child health is relevant. Non-maternal health indicators and models of continuum of care are outside the scope of this study
Time Period No publication date limit
Language Articles originally written in English, or an English translation from the original language if available
Study design Opinion pieces/commentaries/letters to editors within inclusion scope
Scope General maternal health service access and utilization literature outside of inclusion scope
  1. Criteria guidelines based on [56]