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Table 1 Attributes and levels for the choice questions

From: Physicians’ preferences for bone metastases treatments in France, Germany and the United Kingdom

Attribute Levels
Time until first SRE 28 months
18 months
10 months
Time until a 2-point increase in pain on the BPI 10 months
6 months
3 months
Risk of ONJ each year None
1 out of 100 (1%)
5 out of 100 (5%)
Risk of 0.5 mg/dL increase in baseline creatinine level each year (risk of renal impairment) None
4 out of 100 (4%)
10 out of 100 (10%)
Mode of administration Daily oral tablet Injection every 4 weeks
15-min infusion every 4 weeks
120-min infusion every 4 weeks
  1. BPI, Brief Pain Inventory; ONJ, osteonecrosis of the jaw; SRE, skeletal-related event