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Table 4 Summary of all publications included in this review

From: Post-stroke care after medical rehabilitation in Germany: a systematic literature review of the current provision of stroke patients

No. Author & year of publication Characteristic Population Objective Level of evidence
1 Barlinn et al. 2016 Prospective Pilot study Patients who experienced a haemorrhagic or ischemic stroke To investigate the feasibility of a standardised treatment programme for stroke follow-up care IIa
2 Barzel et al. 2007 Exploratory study Physiotherapists, occupational therapists To analyse the outpatient care situation of chronic stroke patients III
3 Barzel et al. 2008 Exploratory study General practitioners To analyse the outpatient care situation of chronic stroke patients III
4 Düchs et al. 2012 Longitudinal study Stroke patients who experienced a haemorrhagic or ischaemic stroke, a subarachnoid bleeding or cerebral sinus venous thrombosis and who have been discharged from inpatient rehabilitation To explore the provision and predictor for therapy during outpatient care III
5 Heuschmann et al. 2010 Review First-ever and recurrent stroke patients To summarise epidemiologic data regarding frequency and care of stroke patients in Germany IV
6 Hoeß et al. 2007 Prospective longitudinal study Stroke patients who have been discharged from inpatient rehabilitation To explore the provision of therapy and technical aids during outpatient care III
7 Jungbauer et al. 2008 A qualitative longitudinal study Spouses of stroke patients To investigate caregivers need for assistance III
8 Korzilius and Osterloh 2017 Policy paper To improve the early supported discharge management in hospitals IV
9 Nolte et al. 2008 Longitudinal study Acute stroke patients To capture the care situation of patients 4 years after they have suffered a first-ever ischaemic stroke III
10 Padberg et al. 2016 Prospective Observational study Stroke patients, caregivers of stroke patients or health professionals To explore social service requests III
11 Peschke et al. 2012 Analysis of Health Insurance Routine Data Stroke patients To explore the quantity and continuity of physiotherapy and occupational care after inpatient discharge III
12 Reichert et al. 2017 Review with incorporated expert opinions and focus groups Data of post-acute stroke patients To investigate the economic potential of a health care management approach IV
13 Reuther and Wallesch 2015 Expert view Stroke patients To describe participation after stroke IV
14 Ritter et al. 2012 Review Stroke patients To reveal the future perspectives of stroke care IV
15 Schlote, et al. 2007 Longitudinal study Stroke patients and caregivers To investigate caregivers’ acquaintance with, need and use of assistance III
16 Schlote and Richter 2008 Review Relatives of stroke patients To describe the role played by and its associated consequences for relatives of stroke patients IV
17 Staudacher et al. 2015 Longitudinal study Stroke patients To facilitate structured follow-up care for stroke patients III
18 Sterl and Boehme 2016 Qualitative study Stroke patients To evaluate a case management programme and detect measures that positively influence the process III