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Table 3 Participatory design

From: Building a patient-centered and interprofessional training program with patients, students and care professionals: study protocol of a participatory design and evaluation study

The participants of the training program, that is patients, students, care professionals, will contribute to the design and evaluation of the training program in three parts of the project:

1. Co-creation: In the developmental phase of the training program, focus group interviews with participants will be performed to examine the preferences of participating groups regarding the structure and content of the training program.

2. Co-production: An advisory board will be shaped to ensure the input of participants in strategic and operational aspects of designing and evaluating the training program. Moreover, students will contribute to organizing the training program as part of their medical education.

3. Co-evaluation. During the evaluation phase of the project, participants’ perspectives will be assessed in quantitative and qualitative manner to perform program evaluation, which will subsequently be discussed with the advisory board to apply these evaluations in improving the training program (Fig. 4).