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Table 3 Search strategies in PubMed and EMBASE

From: Health economic evaluations based on routine data in Germany: a systematic review

PubMed search

EMBASE search

claims data[Text WOrd] OR

routine data[Text Word] OR

insurance data[Text Word] OR

administrative data[Text Word] OR

administration data[Text Word] OR

sickness funds data[Text Word] OR

secondary data[Text Word]

(claims data OR

routine data OR

insurance data OR

administrative data OR

administration data OR

sickness funds data OR

secondary data).ti,ab,kw.



“Germany”[MeSH] OR German OR Germany

exp Germany/OR German OR Germany



“costs and cost analysis”[MeSH] OR cost[Text Word] OR costs[Text Word]

exp Health Economics/OR (cost or costs).ti,ab,kw.