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Table 1 Stages of the thematic analysis

From: Understanding the dynamics of sustainable change: A 20-year case study of integrated health and social care

Stage 1 Description of the process
1. Learn about the data set
2. Create an initial code list
3. Group the codes
4. Search for themes
5. Create a timeline
Read and reread data, take notes and mark ideas for coding
Organise data into meaningful codes based on potential interest
Search for relationships between codes to create sub-themes
Sort codes and sub-themes into data-dependent themes
Extract activities related to the area of interest using a timeline
Stage 2 Description of the process
6. Investigate using theory
7. Search for themes
8. Refine the themes
Analyse the data through specific questions based on DSF
Sort codes into theory-dependent themes related to integration
Consider the coded data extracts and the individual themes in relation to the entire data set