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Table 2 Description of Included Studies

From: Process evaluations of task sharing interventions for perinatal depression in low and middle income countries (LMIC): a systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis

Country, Author, Date Study design Intervention Depression Assessment Instrument Personnel Duration Format Location Evaluation Objective Data collection method
Pakistan (Rahman, 2007) Cluster RCT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Schedules of Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry Lady health workers 16 sessions Individual Home/ Community To develop and evaluate some processes of intervention delivery 4 Focus group discussions
30 In-depth interviews
India (Rath et al., 2010 Cluster RCT Participatory learning and action cycle (psychoeducation) Kessler 10 Female
Community health workers
20 monthly group meetings (under 2 h) Group Home/ Community Process evaluation of the intervention 244 Focus groups
Document reviews
Analysis of evaluation forms
China (Gao et al. al, 2012) Individual RCT Interpersonal Psychotherapy Edinburg Post-natal Depression Scale Midwives 3 sessions (2, 90 min sessions and 1 follow up phone call Group Hospital Post intervention process and outcome evaluations 83 Program satisfaction questionnaires
20 outcome evaluations