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Table 1 Composition of basic and comprehensive EmOC (signal functions)

From: Review of emergency obstetric care interventions in health facilities in the Upper East Region of Ghana: a questionnaire survey

Basic EmOC Comprehensive EmOC
a) Administer parenteral antibiotics
b) Administer uterotonic drugs (i.e., parenteral oxytocin)
c) Administer parenteral anti-convulsants for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
d) Perform manual removal of placenta
e) Perform removal of retained products (e.g., manual vacuum aspiration)
f) Perform assisted vaginal delivery (forceps, vacuum extraction)
- All 6 basic functions plus:
g) Perform blood transfusion
h) Perform surgery
(e.g., caesarean section)
  1. Adapted from World Health Organization, UNFPA, UNICEF and Averting Maternal Death and Disability (2009)