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Table 3 Semi-structured discussion guide with topics used in the FGDs

From: Patients’ knowledge and attitudes to the Wise List - a drug formulary from the Stockholm Drug and Therapeutic committee

Introductory question about medicines in general
 - Do you usually search for information about medicines?
 - How do you search for information?
 - What kind of information do you want about medicines?
Use and usefulness of the list with recommended medicines, i.e. the Wise List
 - What is your first impression of the Wise List? Have you used it before? If, how does it worked?
 - How do you use the Wise List? Can you give an example of a situation?
 - Is it easy/difficult to find the information you are looking for? What is difficult?
 - Is there anything in the Wise List that you think are particularly good/especially bad?
 - What do you think about the content in the Wise List?
 - How do you perceive the purpose of the Wise List?
 - How would you improve the Wise List?
Concluding questions
 - After a brief summary - Is there anything you want to add?
 - How did you find it to discuss this topic?