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Table 3 Association HRQoL/continuity for patients BCU Arvika and BCU Uppsala 2011–2014

From: High experienced continuity in breast cancer care is associated with high health related quality of life

Scales in EORTC QLQ-C30 Difference in HRQoL score between patients with high continuity (score ≥ 75) and patients with low continuity (score ≤ 75) (CI) p-value1
Global health status/QoL 9 (1–18)M 0.03
Role functioning 6 (−5–16)S 0.27
Emotional functioning 12(3–20)M 0.006
Cognitive functioning 7 (−2–16)S 0.11
fatiguea 11 (2–21)M 0.02
Paina 4 (−8–15) 0.51
  1. CI 95% confidence interval
  2. 1Calculated by linear regression adjusted for site and interaction in between site and high continuity
  3. SClinical relevance considered to be “Small”, MClinical relevance considered to be “Moderate”
  4. aLow measured score indicates high HRQoL