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Table 1 Theoretical framework of economic barriers [11]

From: Barriers to delivering mental health services in Georgia with an economic and financial focus: informing policy and acting on evidence

Information barriers Resource inappropriateness
• Limited evidence base
• Difficulties of transferring services research findings
• Services do not match the needs
• Dominance of large institutions
• Over-investment in expensive technology
Insufficiency of resources Resource inflexibility
• Poor economic conditions
• Vulnerable currency
• Low willingness/ability to pay
• Poor stewardship
• Centralized budgets
• “Benefit trap” disincentives
• Poor coordination across agencies
• “Silo budgeting”
Resource distribution Resource timing
• Concentration in urban areas
• Highly institutionalized services
• Neglect of particular disorders
• Supply inelasticity
• Training delays
• Capacity-constrained systems