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Table 1 Information about new prescribed drug provided to patients by hospital physician at discharge

From: Information about management of chronic drug therapies prescribed at hospital discharge: does it affect patients’ knowledge and self-confidence?

Characteristic Number Percent
Reasons for the prescription of new drugs 320 89.1
Mode of drug intake (dosage and route of administration) 359 100
Timing of drug intake 358 99.7
Duration of treatment 291 81
Necessity of periodic controls 324 90.2
Frequency of periodic controls 317 88.3
Behavior in case of forgotten drug intake 34 9.5
Behavior in case of having taken the wrong dose of medication 15 4.2
Avoid concomitant use of the drug with other drugs and / or foods 205 57.1
Side effects 35 9.7
Behavior in case of occurrence of side effects 29 8.1
Possibility of discontinuing therapy as a consequence of improvement 46 12.8
Consequences of not taking the therapy 207 57.7