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Table 4 Empirical status of DLC logic model

From: Evaluating a dementia learning community: exploratory study and research implications

Link Antecedent Consequent Measure(s) of consequent results
Link found? Consequent (‘effect’) stronger in DLC?
A DLC training (DLC sites only) Staff characteristics DAS, ADQ, SNCW Yes No for DAS, ADQ and parts of SNCW. Yes for SNCW Development and Patient Knowledge components.
Sick-leave Yes Yes
Turnover No No
B PDSA cycles Reported/not reported Yes Yes
C Staff characteristics Immediate impact of work routines DCM WIB scores Partly: for SNCW but not DAS, ADQ. No
D PDSA Yes, but ‘High-WIB’ homes only Yes, but ‘High-WIB’ homes only
E Immediate impact of work routines Quality of life QUALID Yes No
End-of-life care discussion No No
End-of-life care plans No No
TEP decision forms No No
F Quality of Life External impacts Ambulance call-outs No No
Emergency admissions No No