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Table 2 Adjustments to make to the ARTAS intervention based on qualitative interviews with PLWH and focus groups with HCPs, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

From: Patient and provider perspectives inform an intervention to improve linkage to care for HIV patients in Ukraine

Results of the interviews Adjustments to the ARTAS intervention
Low education level of patients LCs will be trained to provide HIV information in lay language.
Sub-optimal posttest counseling; incomplete HIV information More information on life with HIV infection will be provided to patients.
Beliefs that only symptomatic PLWH need medical care LCs will discuss with patients the importance of HIV care at every stage of disease, addressing their reluctance to engage in HIV care while feeling healthy.
Lack of psychological support LCs will deliver empathy and psychological support as the part of the intervention.
Fear of HIV status disclosure to partners and family members LCs will be trained to role-play with intervention participants practicing their HIV disclosure skills.