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Table 3 Personal abusive and disrespectful experiences (n, %)

From: Factors influencing the capacity of women to voice their concerns about maternal health services in the Muanda and Bolenge Health Zones, Democratic Republic of the Congo: a multi-method study

Grouped mistreatment events Yes
Undignified care 10 (1.9%)
Shouting at patient/scolding the patient 7 (1.4%)
Threatening to withhold treatment 4 (0.8%)
Threatening comments or negative or discouraging/disparaging comments 3 (0.6%)
Abandonment or neglect 8 (1.5%)
Ignoring or abandoning patient when in need or when called 2 (0.4%)
Delivered alone/no performance of antenatal care actions during visit 6 (1.2%)
Physical abuse 8 (1.5%)
Hitting, slapping, pushing, pinching or otherwise beating the patient 8 (1.5%)
Sexual abuse or harassment 2 (0.4%)
Otherwise hurting the patient 0 (0.0%)
No/Lack of confidential care 0 (0.0%)
Allowing patient body seen by others 0 (0.0%)
Revealing confidential patient’s information to other persons 0 (0.0%)
No consented care (perform healthcare without permission/ information) 5 (1.0%)
Inappropriate demands for payment 9 (1.7%)
Request or demand for informal payment for better care 6 (1.2%)
Detention of the mother or of the baby due to failure to pay 4 (0.8%)