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Table 1 Summary of CoP impact at member, facility and organisation level

From: Evaluating the impact of a falls prevention community of practice in a residential aged care setting: a realist approach

Impact at member level Impact at facility level Impact at organisation level
Increased falls prevention knowledge Annual evidenced-based falls prevention activity audit with intermittent spot checks Falls policy (re-written and implemented)
Increased self-reported confidence and motivation to engage in falls prevention actions Increased proportion of residents supplemented with vitamin D at all sites Standardised fall definition adopted
Increased connections and collaborations with interdisciplinary CoP members Falls prevention CoP listed as agenda item at facility staff meetings New falls risk assessment tool placed in online assessment system
  Falls prevention committee formed Aligned falls prevention management plan (developed and implemented)
  Falls prevention checklists for individual residents at highest risk of falling (“catch a falling star” program) CoP newsletter (developed and implemented) 4 editions published
  Surveyed frontline care staff and residents to determine falls prevention education needs and preferences Falls prevention CoP listed as agenda item at RAC Board Committee meetings
  Surveyed care managers to determine their perception of CoP impact at their site  
  Falls prevention poster checklist for staff and residents  
  Screening for safer resident footwear, clothing and lighting (night time sensor lights)