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Table 1 Community Health Worker (CHW) Intervention Curriculum

From: Protocol for project IMPACT (improving millions hearts for provider and community transformation): a quasi-experimental evaluation of an integrated electronic health record and community health worker intervention study to improve hypertension management among South Asian patients

Session Topic Session Overview Tailored Cultural Components
Session 1: Blood Pressure and the Cardiovascular System Icebreaker/Introduction and Session Guidelines • Highlight local health and social services resources, as well as risk factors for South Asians
1.How the heart works & heart structure
2. What is blood pressure and hypertension (BP numbers)
3. How to check your blood pressure (demo and practice)
4. Risk factors of hypertension
5. Ways to manage blood pressure: healthy diet, physical activity, medicine (overview)
6. Signs of heart attack and stroke & Emergency Plan
7. Physical Activity Exercises (demo and practice)
Session 2: Healthy eating 1.Traditional South Asian diets (discussion) • Food examples tailored for South Asian diets and dietary practices
2. Building a healthy plate (Using Plate Method)
3. How to choose heart healthy foods
4. Salt and sodium
5. How to understand a nutrition label
6. Alcohol
7. Tips for healthy eating while out, with little time, and on a budget
8. Setting healthy eating goals
Session 3: Physical Activity and Stress Management 1. Importance of physical activity • Use of Asian BMI guidelines
2. What is a healthy weight/BMI? • Realistic exercise options in NYC communities
3. Calorie balance and the healthy way to lose weight • Discussions on major stressors and ways to reduce stresses in South Asian context
4. Ways to be active, build activity into your day, and stay motivated  
5. Sample exercises and walking program  
6. Setting physical activity goals  
7. Effect of stress on the body  
8. Emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, worry  
9. Strategies to manage stress improve self-esteem  
Session 4: CVD risk factors: cholesterol, blood sugar, & smoking 1. Facts about saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol • Discussion of CVD risk factors, including smoking and tobacco use, is contextualized into South Asian context
2. Understanding nutrition labels
3. Healthier cooking tips
4. Diabetes - What is it, types, and symptoms
5. Complications of diabetes & diabetes control
6. Hidden sugar in drinks activity
7. Effect of smoking and tobacco use on health
Session 5: Health Communication, Healthcare access & sessions review 1. Communicating with doctors • Discussion of barriers to healthcare for South Asian patients
2. Barriers to healthcare access
3. Preparing for a doctor visit
4. Accessing health care
5. Review of all sessions