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Table 2 Threats to patient safety reported by older people with multimorbidity

From: Threats to patient safety in primary care reported by older people with multimorbidity: baseline findings from a longitudinal qualitative study and implications for intervention

Themes Examples
Everyday management of:
Health • Struggles to accept limitations and does too much.
• Views old age as cause of or reason for health problems.
Treatment • Has side-effects of medication or treatment.
• Limits use of medication or treatment.
Primary care:
Access • Finds it difficult to get an appointment, esp. with preferred provider.
• Restricts primary care attendance.
Coordination • Received contradictory or conflicting information or advice.
• Unable to obtain prescribed medication from pharmacy.
Breakdowns in:
Communication • Did not receive results or feedback.
• Is unforthcoming about health problems.
Relationships • Sees healthcare staff as unhelpful, rude, or disrespectful.
• Feels they are not always believed.
  1. (The full coding tree can be found in Additional file 3)