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Table 1 Definition of ART program characteristic variables included in regression analyses

From: The effect of facility-based antiretroviral therapy programs on outpatient services in Kenya and Uganda

Variable Definition
ART program presence Binary indicator reflecting the presence (or absence) of an ART program in a given facility-year.
Overall ART program size Facility’s total number of pre-ART visits and ART visits (included as the logged number of visits) as an indicator of ART program size for a given facility-year.
Relative ART program size Facility’s total number of ART visits over number of non-ART OPD visit as an indicator of relative size of the ART program in comparison to the non-ART OPD.
ART growth/rate of scale-up The annual percent change (year-on-year) in total ART visits to reflect the pace of ART scale-up in a given facility.