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Table 1 Search limits & terms*

From: A systematic review of the effectiveness of policies restricting access to pregabalin

Category: Search Limits:
 Databases PubMed
 Date range June 16, 2005–June 15, 2016
 Countries United States
 Combinations Pregabalin AND ≥ 1 other relevant term related to restriction policies and health plans)
Topic: Search Terms:
 Drug Lyrica OR pregabalin
 Restriction Restriction
 Restriction Prior authorization
 Restriction Step edit
 Restriction Step therapy
 Restriction Prior approval
 Restriction Quantity limits
 Restriction Fail first requirement
 Restriction Step protocol
 Restriction Cost sharing
 Restriction Cost sharing insurance
 Health plan Health plan
 Health plan Insurance
 Health plan Payer(s)
 Health plan Formulary
 Health plan Benefit design
 Other Access
 Other Health care costs
 Other Cost effectiveness
 Other Health care utilization
 Other Health care expenditures
 Other Cost analysis
 Other Cost utility
 Other Cost containment
 Other Economics
 Other Utilization management
  1. * Boolean operators (to include different spellings and tenses of words) and alternative spellings (e.g. ‘healthcare’ / ‘health care’) were included