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Table 3 Sample characteristics of the expert panel

From: Development and evaluation of the content validity, practicability and feasibility of the Innovative dementia-oriented Assessment system for challenging behaviour in residents with dementia

Characteristics of expert panel, N = 10
Gender 3 men, 7 women
Academic Disciplines (some with more than one degree) 4 nursing/nursing science, 1 psychiatry/psychotherapy, 2 pedagogy/gerontology, 1 psycho-gerontology, 1 philosophy, 1 literature, 1 economics, 1 cultural studies
Vocational training 2 geriatric nurses, 5 nurses
Position 3 employed by the university/development and research institution (scientist, lecturer), 2 in leading positions in nursing homes, 2 working in quality development, 2 consultants in dementia care, 1 senior physician/freelancer
Additional dementia-related training 2 validation, dementia care mapping; 3 geriatric psychiatry/gerontology; 2 cognitive training, communication, organizational development and quality management; 1 palliative medicine
General work experience On average, 20 years (min 4; max 35)
Work experience in dementia care On average, 12 years (min 3; max 25)
Practice with people with dementia:
 Care of people with dementia 9 experts
 Assessment instruments/process documentation 9 experts
Theoretical knowledge about:
 Care of people with dementia 10 experts
 Process documentation 10 experts
 Assessment instruments in nursing 9 experts
Research experience:
 In field of dementia 4 experts
 With assessment instruments/process documentation 3 experts
Self-assessment of own expertise in the following:  
 Dementia care Median 3a
 Nursing assessment/documentation Median 2a
  1. aRanked between 0 = no expertise and 3 = comprehensive expertise