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Table 1 Outcomes assessed in the 2015 BHIVA Audit with inclusion criteria for patients

From: Benchmarked performance charts using principal components analysis to improve the effectiveness of feedback for audit data in HIV care

Outcome Explanation of positive outcome Inclusion criteria for patients
Resistance done Resistance test done and/or sample stored All
VL measured Viral load (VL) measured within past 6 months Patients on ART
Adherence assessed Adherence assessed within past year Patients on ART
Medications recorded All medication recorded within past year Patients on ART
Hep A immune Vaccinated or otherwise immune to hepatitis A All
HBsAg known Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) status is known All
Hep C tested Hepatitis C (Hep C) antibody status is known All
CVD risk assessed Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessed, within past 3 years if on ART, ever if not on ART All
Smoking assessed Smoking status recorded within past two years All
Flu vaccination managed Flu vaccination recorded as done, or recorded as advised to obtain from General Practice (GP) within past year All
SH screening offered Sexual health (SH) screening offered within past year All
Cervical cytology managed Cervical cytology recorded as done, or recorded as advised to obtain elsewhere, within past year Females
BMD measured Bone mineral density (BMD) measured Age > 70 and on ART
FRAX risk assessed Fracture risk assessed within past 3 years Age > 50
Pneumococcus vaccinated Vaccinated against pneumococcus CD4 > 200 cells/mL
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy