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Table 1 Groups of devices used in the study

From: A qualitative analysis of the effectiveness of telehealthcare devices (i) are they meeting the needs of end-users?

Group 1: Telecare base units and associated sensors
 Tynetec Reach Home base unit and sensor hub
 Tunstall Lifeline Vi Home base unit and sensor hub
 Bogus caller/intruder alarm Door entry alarm
 Passive infra-red sensor Room occupancy/motion sensor
Group 2: Pill dispensers
 Pivotell – Altec 169 MHz Automated dosette box for dispensing medication. Can relay data to home base unit
Group 3: Personal alarm types
 Alarm (basic) e.g. Tunstall MyAmie, Amie+ Wrist worn, pendant or brooch
Group 4: Falls monitor
 Tunstall Atmospheric pressure + accelerometer, includes manual alarm
Group 5: Mobile alarms/GPS tracking devices
 GeoCare Tracking device, alarms sent to designated personal number(s), no falls detection
 MobileHelp Mobile personal alarm, no falls detection
 buddi Personal alarm, falls detection, GPS tracking, geofencing
 Numera Libris Speakerphone to response centre, falls detection, tracking
Group 6 Telehealth/ measurement of physical functioning
 BP monitors Electronic blood pressure monitors with digital displays
 Pulse oximeter Finger-based probe connected to hand-held monitor providing digital display of heart rate and blood oxygen levels
 Ear thermometer Digital tympanic membrane thermometer