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Table 1 Descriptions of the facilitated and passive knowledge translation interventions

From: Perspectives of health care professionals on the facilitators and barriers to the implementation of a stroke rehabilitation guidelines cluster randomized controlled trial

  Facilitated knowledge translation intervention Passive knowledge translation intervention
Personnel There was funding for two facilitators (one nurse and one therapist). None
Frequency and duration 4 h/week/facilitator in each intervention site to promote guideline implementation over a 16-month period Not applicable
Components At a two-day workshop: facilitators received change management education, a practice-change toolkit, information on successful guideline implementation strategies from the pilot study, slide presentations, and clinician-targeted media releases for marketing SCORE. They also completed training to apply treatments, compared current practice with recommended practice, identified barriers to practice change, developed a guideline implementation plan addressing barriers and incorporating behaviour change strategies, and learned how to conduct small group education/training sessions.
In addition, stroke teams received SCORE guideline booklets with treatment recommendations and evidence-based treatment protocols, pocket reminder cards, and posters describing protocols designed for therapists or nurses. Teleconferences and a web-based platform were provided for facilitators to communicate and share successful strategies.
Sites in the passive KT intervention received a version of the SCORE guideline without treatment protocols, and a handbook and educational DVD on the use of standardized assessment tools post-stroke.
In addition, clinicians were invited by email to participate in a list serve to obtain additional information or share experiences about the trial outcome measures.
Research team involvement The research team provided external facilitation to the facilitators; specifically, advice and support via teleconferences. None