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Table 6 Summary of comments and suggestions among patients of Hawassa University Teaching and Referral Hospital, June 2016

From: Patients’ satisfaction towards radiological service and associated factors in Hawassa University Teaching and referral hospital, Southern Ethiopia

Comments and suggestions Frequency Percent (%)
N = 265
Long appointment times to get ultrasound service 58 21.80%
The total money paid and drugs used as contrast agent for CT-scan service too expensive 23 8.67%
Long waiting time of the x-ray and CT-scan result 54 20.37%
Long waiting time of payment for radiological services 4 1.50%
No toilet and dressing room 20 7.54%
The chairs are not comfortable and not enough chairs 72 27.16%
Bad physical environment and sanitary condition 10 3.77%
Bad reception worker behavior 1 0.37%
Radiology staff needs to improve attitude of patient service 1 0.37%
Did not know how to find where is the CT-scan room 1 0.37%
Reception workers do not give priority to elders. 19 7.16%
Bad x-ray staff attitude 1 0.37%
Bad ultrasound staff attitude 1 0.37%