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Table 1 Contents of the educational program

From: Transcultural adaptation and validation of the patient empowerment in long-term conditions questionnaire

  Admission Follow-up at discharge
Educational material Individual educational sessions Individual sessions (in-person, over the phone, virtual)
Guide for patients with HF Heart failure and symptoms Session 1 (2nd week) : Assess self-care, explain signs of alarm and flexible diet of diuretics
Diet: salt and liquids
Table of exercises Weight control (meaning of sudden increase in weight) Session 2 (4th week): reinforce information on diet habits (salt and liquids) and healthy habits
Notebook for weight control Signs of alarm: identify signs of decompensation and prevent situations of risk Session 3 (6th week) pharmacological treatment
Control of liquids intake Pharmacological treatment: Effects, Doses and time of administration, Secondary effects, signs of intoxication or intolerance, Self-management of diuretics or Antihypertensive. Session 4 (8th week): Assessment of knowledge on alarm signs, flexible diet of diuretics, diet (salt and liquids), healthy habits and medication
Promote giving up toxic habits
Exercise and rest