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Table 1 Example of the credit system used to evaluate supply management in health centres

From: The impact of facility audits, evaluation reports and incentives on motivation and supply management among family planning service providers: an interventional study in two districts in Maputo Province, Mozambique

  Female condom Implant IUD Injectable Combined pill Low-dose pil Credits
Stock card x x x x x x 1
Calculation error 0 0 0 x 0 0 0
Reported stock-out 0 0 0 - 0 0 0
Total   1
  1. x stands either for the presence of a stock card (leading to 1 credit in that category when all 6 stock cards were present in the facility), or for a calculation error or stock-out reported on it. In this example a calculation mistake on the stock card of Injectable led to 0 credits for that category since errors were punished. Similarly, the credit for not having a stock-out was not assigned, not because a stock-out was reported, in this example, but because the information was considered unreliable due to the calculation mistake (−). 0 stands for either no calculation mistake or stock-out reported on a card, or for 0 credits obtained for a category